About Me

Hello, I’m Laura and welcome to my blog!

You can expect to see a mixture of beauty content, from makeup tutorials, product reviews, favourites and empties, with a peppering of lifestyle, fashion, home and travel content.

I originally started this blog at the end of 2018, however I never put the right amount of time and effort in and wasn’t happy with the content I was putting out there. So, what better time than lockdown of 2020 to give the blog a freshen up!

I’ve always been a creative person and used to love writing short stories as a child, I even dabbled in blogging during my time as a student, although not beauty related. Makeup has become a huge passion of mine, I’ve always liked it but really worked to improve my knowledge and skills the past few years (still cannot master winged liner though – damn you hooded eyes!)

My skincare journey started young as I experienced acne all through my preteen and teenage years. Even now in my late twenties I experience more than my fair share of breakouts, the dream of clear skin seems unachievable, and I’m actually OK with that. My concerns over my skin as a teenager lead to me experimenting with makeup, I’m sure many of you my age remember caking on the Maybelline Dream Matte Mousse and drawing on black eyeliner so thick you may as well have used a marker pen. I’d like to think my makeup skills have improved a little since then!

The blog won’t only be about make up though! I love travel and have so many more places I want to go, although lockdown has made me want to spend more time visiting places in the UK I take for granted more as well! I am a huge Disney fan (absolutely no shame, why should there be?) and have visited Walt Disney World Florida and Disneyland Paris, hoping for more trips in the future and I definitely want to write some helpful Disney trip planning content. 

I live and work in Newcastle, having moved here 5 years ago, and bought my first house this year. Home and interiors is a big part of my life at the moment (not JUST because of lockdown – this was written in May 2020 for any future readers!) so I definitely expect the odd post about that too!

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You can also contact me via email at contactme@paletteofthoughts.co.uk.